577/450 Jacobs Explosive Device



I have 2 of these 577/450 cartridges - one with the Jacobs Explosive Device inserted and one with only the 19mm deep casted hole. Another collector wants to swop me for the one without the device (he has a loose device), for this 500 3" and a 450 3.25" coiled cases. Are they worth it?

I think it is worth a swap. I have only the Jacobs tip in a .577 x 2 3/4" BPE cartridge and the .577/450 is the only other case I know of that had this tip inserted. However the tips were supplied loose so maybe found in other cartridges. I like the tin of the Jacob tips.

As Ron says the MH came with the hole to fill or to not fill.

Not knowing how common the two rounds are where you are, is a hard call for me so I won’t say on the trade

Personally I have kept both of the MH variations.

Also you should know these Percussion Shells came in at least three sizes for a proper fit. A can label below.


Thank you all for the info!
OK, I’ll keep my Jacobs Martinis - they are very rare in South Africa!
But I really want that coiled cases!!! What is the going rate for them?

Here in the US a few years ago you could have had both for $30 US.

Now what with the IN & folks thinking they must be very rare as they look so old, $25 to $45 EACH.

Thank you Pete!