577/450 Martini Henry bullet hole

Is this a promotional item or a home-made item?
3.25 to 3.65mm thick metal plate
The date was changed by hand from 1897 to 1898


I think that date is 1898, rather than 1988.

John Moss

Thank you!
I changed it

No idea if commercial or home made. It is a great item !!!

Yes it could be either. The label looks to be the same as what would be found on a many a packet, and could be cut from one. Probably the easiest thing to do if from an arsenal, or a maker of souvenirs.

But as Alex says a great item

I guess I’ll never know the origin…

Agree,but anyhow a great souvenir…

Uhm, why not just have the steel plate carbon dated…

Wouldn’t that be expensive and only tell you the age of the steel and not when the hole was put into it?

You are right Mayhem !!!

Carbon Dating only works on Organic Carbon…like in Bones, Wood, etc.
Does not work in Metal Alloys.
Dating depends on radioactive decay of the Isotope Carbon-14
( Normal Carbon is C-12).
Normally absorbed by living things,in the C-12 to C-14 proportions in the Environment, absorption stops on Death.
By calculating the Decay of the C-14 in an organic sample,/ " half-life"
One can estimate the age of a sample.
With Metals, totally different Chemistry and Physics.
Doc AV

Well, obviously I am neither a chemist nor physics professor and not likely to become either one.

Can you tell my wife that please Eric?

Badger, I only did Chemistry and Physics for 4 years at High School, and one year of Organic Chemistry and Medical Physics in Pre-Med;
All my other knowledge in these fields comes from years of Scientific American, etc. Reading.
Doc AV.

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Ah, so I was not so far off, just the wrong terminology!
Whew… pulled my bacon out of the fire… :wink: