.577/.450 MH Bore Blowing Device


Can anyone tell me what this is? The dimensions of the cartridge are the sames as a .45 Martini Henry. The back fits on with a bayonet type fitting.

Thanks in advance



If the base didn’t have a hole in it it could be a salt or pepper shaker.
Otherwise not seen before by me & I sure do like MH stuff, so if it needs a new home, let me know.


Possibly a device for blowing breath into the barrel to soften fouling but missing the rubber tube. I have a similar item but not made with the remveable base.


Yes, that is a bore blowing device.
The hole in the base us for inserting a latex rubber hose.
That is a fairly uncommon find now a days.


Gents thanks for the information. Pete if I decide to get rid of it I will let you know.



That’s the first factory-made ones that I have seen. Some were made by the shooters using fired cases with short tube soldered to the base for the flexible tube.

Another similar tool was an empty case, flexible tube and metal funnel combination that was used to pour boiling water down the bore after shooting.



This was used in matches where the competitors were not allowed to clean rifles between shots but the moist breath would soften BP fouling.
I have a catalogue somewhere which shows these.