577-450 MH Green patch?

Howdy Folks, what does a Green Paper patch on a Mark 3 Foil case MH Rifle round signify ,is this a later Cordite load ? Thanks Randy

Yes, Green patch is rifle cordite. I presume the headstamp is “KYNOCH 577/450”?

Kynoch loaded these up until the 1960s.


Green patch on a solid case was cordite carbine but I am unaware of any green patch on a foil or coiled case MH ctg.

I agree with Orange on this one, Carbine Cordite in a solid case. In foil case the deep red patch signifies Carbine but always with black powder. Never seen green paper patch in a foil case.

these rounds have no headstamp as I said they are Mark 3 foil cases, I have 3 of them and they are definitley factory Rifle with 2 neck ring crimps,these rounds have Iron bases regards Randy

My error, I should have said Carbine Cordite for green patch.

I would be very interested to see one of these rounds. Are you going to SLICS?
I understand your description, but even though the case may be rolled, “Mark III” only applies to the blackpowder loaded Mark III rifle round.

Just as a final check, does the round have the short carbine bullet?


Hi Tony, These are definitely Mark 3 foil cases,what they contain is the mystery I am trying to solve ,I was aware of the Green patch on the Carbine rounds and it was a guess on my part that these rounds may contain a smokeless powder, the bullet is the 480gn. Rifle ,sorry I wont be at SLICS this year Randy

Without seeing a picture, or even better an actual round I cannot help. The only rolled case cordite loads were those made by the Indian arsenals, and they had a white patch with black stripes for rifle and a red patch with black stripes for carbine.

Any chance of a photo?


These should be a Mark X by Footscray Ammunition Factory circa 1896.
Only ones I’m aware of, have an oval / round inspection hole, 2 brass base cups, and two impressed "V"s on the brass cap chamber as the government mark?
hope this is of help

Hi Pete, thanks for your reply, yup thems my rounds , can you please tell me where there may be some published info on them ,I have been unable to find any thanks Randy

Hi Randy
We had one in our sale 5 as lot 376 & probably got the information / ID from an Austrailian (#5 was Nov. of 2000). Not really seen anything in print other than my write-up for the sale, which follows:
By Footscray Ammunition Factory, this c. 1896 .577/ .450 M.H. Mark X has a copper primer in a brass cap chamber which has two impressed V

Hi Pete, thanks for doing that. if I uncover any other info I will pass it on Randy