577 Boxer packet from South Africa

John Belton , who is the world’s expert on the subject of the .577 , asked me for more detail about this packet. I sent him these photos. This is all I know about it.

I believe Ratcliffe were an early car dealership (importer) in Cape town. Interestingly they seem to have imported BSA cars.Possibly then other BSA goods. So although the link is tenuous it might point you in the right direction. Stretching it a bit.

Stansfield Ratcliffe was the founder and he is mentioned in the BSA archives as their agent in South Africa.

putting it all togeather I would hesitantly suggest BMMCo for the ammo

Go to this site, look at photo . Shows they did deal in Rifles
flickr.com/photos/hilton-t/5 … 376342033/

flickr.com/photos/hilton-t/5 … 3376342033

Very impressive research. Thank you.

dscalm.warwick.ac.uk/DServe/dser … .htm#N2022

BSA sold its ammunition business in 1897 to Birmingham Metal and Munitions Company Limited part of the Nobel-Dynamite Trust, through Kynoch a forerunner of ICI.

absoluteastronomy.com/topics … ms_Company

Thinking about it, the style of packaging, paper wrapped with quite a heavy duty string as opposed to boxes, is I think, typical of BMMCo. Can anybody strengthen or weaken this view? I know Wesley Richards used it but they used BMMCo for a lot of their ammo.