.577 Eley Revolver



I was recently lucky enough to purchase one cartridge of .577 Eley and the revolver that goes with it. I was wondering if anyone has come across what the cartridge box looked like for these ? Thanks.


I am starting to think that none of the boxes have survived. Has anyone seen one ? Thanks.


I have never seen a box. Sorry.


They do exists but are RARE. One in very good condition was illustrated in issue 452 of the IAA Journal. Red Eley label “577 Solid Central-fire Cartridges for Revolvers”. Full 50-round box weighing a mere 4lb 7oz ! I regret that I do not have permission from the owner to provide an image here.

I do recommend to anyone researching any ammo-related topic that they check the master index to the IAA Journal which you will find elsewhere on this website.


Thank you so much for the replies. I will have to find a copy of the journal.