.577 Enfield Bullet Base Markings

Does anybody have a list detailing what the inner base markings are on .577 Enfield bullets? I have consulted my various books/papers and cant seem to find any reference on these. Its something I feel I should know but don’t!

Any help gratefully appreciated.


I have “L broadarrow”, “L3”, & just “L”


There must a few different marks then Pete. These examples have ‘7’ & ‘8’ markings. Found by a metal detectorist on the beach on the island of Jersey. Very well preserved!


Yes, there are lots of different letters/numbers on these as they were made by many different companies. Those with the letter L in were made by Ludlow of Birmingham.
their stampings L1 - L2 and L3 are often found on Civil War battle sites.
Those showing just a number indicate the machine number in the Royal Arsenal factory.
There is a website devoted to Civil War bullets (cant remember the name) which shows pics of many of these.

Thanks Jim. Very useful information. I had wondered if the numbering was Woolwich related due to the more or less central manufacture of ammunition at this time.


look out for rticle on these in the next journl.


Wil do :-)