.577 Nitro Express with embedded .25 auto

Anyone have any additional info they can share on this .577 Nitro Express with .25 auto embedded in bullet? HS is HONEYWAGON BAMBIGUN. Would this be someone’s personal handiwork or was it actually manufactured this way? Local group said they had seen 45-70s with 22s in bullet.

The Mead patent used a .22 rimfire blank (with the rim out) in the nose of some case types, & is most commonly found in the Spencer. This was to make the bullet explode upon impact.

Can’t see much in the photo of the nose as very out of focus. but to put a whole cartridge in the nose???
If a primed case or even a complete round, I would winder if ordinary impact (an animal) would fire the primer.

From the look of the headstamp it is obviously new manufacture, & as it is new to me, I have no idea if it is completely original or not.

Best I can do.

Many years ago, maybe 50, there was a batch of 1873 Maynards found here in Western Australia which had a hollow nose to take a .22 .

Yes the casing is new and not anywhere near the Mead Patent in time. Someone having fun I would say with the headstamp and the cartridge.

The case was made by D. P. Wirth for Richard “Honeywagon” Camomille from R & R Enterprises, a small bullet making and reloading company from Wisconsin.


Wow great info Fede, I’d sure like to see a list of the custom headstamps Mr. Wirth did for others than Jim Bell. These would be from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s

He did my CTGS 1990-1991, plus: Otto Witt Spl, ROSOTTO 500 EX, Moucka Gunmaker, Gunmaker Shop Inc, Tony’s Mouse Gun, John Scott P.G.C.A., James Tillinghast, CHICAGO 1985, John Hintlian, and 500 EX D. Davidson.

Oh yeah he did the 30-40 GATLING M1893 Wm.A.Meyer

All of these (but the 30-40) are all in upper case letters, I just got lazy,

I also think he did the Texas Cartridge Club awards T.C.C.A. 1990.
Forgot to add this one.

Any others known?


Back in the ‘before days’ [before I was old enough to be legally responsible] we used to hollow point various caliber bullets and drop in a few grains of BP and top it with a large pistol primer… and we thought we were doing something original and unique: .45 ACP and .45-70 were the most “fun”.

Thank you Fede. Can’t get more precise than that.