.577 Snider buckshot

That’s great to know orange, thank you! I will be adding that info to my documentation.

look carefully at the head of your MK 1 Potet case as these exist with raised number headstamps. I know of a 4, a 7 and an 8 and think a 2 also exists.

Your right about the glue these are thin white paper over a Boxer style coiled case.

I didn’t think these Sniders had any stamp what so ever on them… But to my surprise, after carefully looking, I think this one does… To me it looks like a number “1”, on the left hand side of the head. Although it looks engraved instead of raised. (Could this be in fact a factory stamp?)

(I took this photo with my usb microscope… Sorry if it is a little fuzzy.)

use a good quality glass in strong sunlight and hold so the light goes across the head, this will give you the best lighting to see the details. Your usb camera/scope has flat lighting designed to provide shadowless light & so flattens needed details in this case.

It seems logical to me if #s, 4,7, & 8 are known then there would be a 1