.577 Snider (Canadian Pattern)

What is the name and address of the facility that manufactured the 1st and 2nd Canadian Pattern .577 Snider
Boxer cartridges?


I have an 1891 packet label marked “D.C.” which I’ve always assumed was Dominion Cartridge Co.

Military is not my thing & the only address I can give you is Quebec City.

Cyberwombat,The “DC” on your packet is not “Dominion Cartridge Co.” which was a private company. On packets DC means Dominion Cartridge Factory,a gov’t factory.The name was changed in 1900 to Dominion Arsenal.

Ref.Issue 291-292 in the 50 year index.


OK, thanks for clearing that up for me.

When I posted this question originally, I was under the impression that there were (or had been) 2 or 3 different Arsenals in Canada. Was Dominion Cartridge Factory, Quebec, the only one that might have produced .577 Snider?