.577 Snider Identification

Can anybody tell me something about this .577 Snider Cartridge. It has a drawn copper-tube as the casing instead of brass or brass-foil. There are 4 small indents at the base-cup.


Nice cartridge, hope something will turn out!

Good evening.
I think it’s an MK1 that lost its outer carton.
Needle blows are used to hold the base.

I took up the notice, that it could be Mk 1 without the outer carton and took a close look into my available sources. It is mentioned there, that the Mk 1 has a coiled brass “casing”.
This item has not a brass- but a coppertube as the casing and this tube is not coiled. It is of one piece and is surrounded by the base-cap at the base.

Vickers59; you are possibly right, if you suspect, that it is a Mk1 without the carton. (with regards of the carton, not the metal-casing, which is a copper-tube).
I took a closer look at the joint between the copper-tube and the most upper edge of the base-cup. It seems, that there is something between the tube and the base-cup. But I couldn´t determine, what it is. In addition to that, the bullet doesn´t show the wooden plug, which should be characteristic for the Mk1.

Would it be possible, that this cartridge could be some kind of “Kyber-Pass-Handycraft”, or does it look a bit more professional-made?

Looks like a copy of Whitney’s patent which had a tube attached to a seperate brass or iron base.

The MkI Snider ctg had a wood plug in the nose of the bullet which this one lacks.

Hi Rainer308.

This round is definately a 577 Snider, just not English made. I have a similar round in my collection with a copper tube (not wrapped) and a copper Potet head. It is probably French or Belgian. However, it could be any number of other foreign manufactures. Neat round. I had not seen the pinning of the head on a Snider before. I learn something new everyday.

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