577 Snider Identification

I would like to have information about these three 577 Sniders.
Thank you in advance…
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The one in the middle is the Buckshot Mk II. This contained 13 lead balls weighing 415gn and had a 56gn black powder charge. It was intended for use prison guards and by the military for ‘use against the Ashanti’.
It is British, most likely made by Royal Laboratories.

Thank you, the contained shell is made of lead, normal?

The cartridge case is made of brass foil which is then covered with paper. The ‘projectile’ is made with waxed paper - this contains 13 lead balls and powdered bone dust. Strange…but true!

the envelope containing the balls is made of lead, not paper?

The envelope is made of paper which is soaked in wax to strengthen it.

The balls are lead & contained is a sabot made of paper, The color you show is known and correctly I’d by Jim. Below are some other examples.
Your lower example with the coiled case looks like an example made in Belgium .
Your top example loos like a new primed empty case which someone felt needed a bullet to make it happy. The bullet is wrong and the case should have a cannelure about 3/8’s of an inch below the mouth.
Wanted to add bone dust at this time was well known for use as a buffer in shot loads. Eley used it in their wire-concentraters, which date from muzzle loarding times .

Good evening.
Thanks to Jim for the comments and to Pete for the identification.