.577" Snider....Indian?

I recently acquired this Snider cartridge and was assured by the seller that it originated in India however, having read through Peter Labbett’s notes on Snider production, I am not so sure.
My understanding is that India only produced Mk IX and Mk X cartridges and that these would have been made to British specifications. Mk IX and X cartridges would therefore have had blackened iron bases and the case itself would have had either one or two red rings around it.
My cartridge has a brass base disc but according to Peter it was only Mks II and III which should have the brass disc. The lack of coloured rings on my cartridge would suggest that it is indeed either a Mk II or III however the bullet in my cartridge doesn’t have a visible wooden expansion plug - which should be clearly visible in all patterns up to and including the Mk IV.
My cartridge seems to be a bit of a mix up with a later pattern bullet on an early pattern case…


To me the brass not steel base disc would mark it as Indian. The early .476 ball & shot loadings had blackened steel rims & the later MK II were brass due to a high corrosion factor in India. That said I can’t pin this one down either.

I wonder perhaps whether some early Indian cartridges were made without the sycamore expansion plug in the bullet nose. It is only the lack of a visible plug that makes me doubt if this is Indian. It came from Martin Golland and if anyone would know he would!

Could it be from ‘the other side’ ? a Kyber Pass bullet made to be fired at us rather than by us?

I think you’re quite possibly correct Vince. This cartridge doesn’t quite conform to any of the known & approved patterns so it may well have been made up locally out of whatever components were available at the time…interesting cartridge!