577 Tyranosaur


Hello again everybody

I am looking for a photo or machine drawing of a sectioned 577 Tyranousaur cartridge case



Not sure if this would help but I can give you pictures of sectioned cases heads for the .585 Nyati. I have 3 that are very different internally but all 3 were made by Bertram.


Yes please!


Ok, Here are the sectioned cases. The top & middle ones were both headstamped "585 NYATI (roo) BB (roo)’’. The bottom one I don’t know what the complete headstamp was but there is a note wrote on the side of the case in black marker “T-REX”. You can clearly see that internally they are all very different. But you can also clearly see the kangaroos on each showing they were made by Bertram. Also the middle case has had a belt wagged onto it as it was formed into a .585 Hubel Express wildcat.


Hope this helps.


Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this. It will help a lot in my project.