57mm MAD-FIRES by Raytheon

I just came across these entries. Maybe of interest to somebody:

And a good high-res shot:

Interesting Alex. I wonder what the rate of fire will be?

Larry I did not look at the gun it is to be fired from (if that info is available) but if it is the normal 57mm L/70 one would guess it will be the known rof?

As all this is quite new I think we need to wait a bit till things have moved on and more data and images become available.

I find it interesting that the best table-display example of the product that Ratheon had available for this very expensive / cutting-edge piece of technology was the one shown which looks hobbled together and is all scratched and beat-up looking.

Could this be a fired and recovered projectile? It seems like it might be more beat up than that, but maybe they had a way to “gently” capture it? The rotating band shows engraving, so that’s why I wonder (though I guess it could also be a pre-engraved example). The one shown in the 2nd article link doesn’t show the engraving or wear and tear.

Alex, maybe just too new. I could not find mention of a specific gun to be used (but I also did not do an exhaustive search either).

Matt, this one was definately fired. And I am 99.9% sure the fin section we see there was replaced after firing.

It can well be that this was the first one ever shown and maybe rushed to an exhibition or so.

Here a typical display type, way too shiny and also partially looking artificial.
Source internet.

And here also a 57mm by BAE (UK) named “Orka”.
And obviously also for the 57mm L/70 Bofors.
I wonder if both systems were competing for the same tender or so.


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