57mm Recoilless Primer & Fuze

Does anyone have a M46, M60 or M60A1 primer for a 57mm Recoilless. I would like to buy one, but if you have one that is not for sale, could you give me all the dimensions so I can make a dummy one for display.

TM-9-1300-204 on Pages 42-43 lists the dimensions of these primers, but the Xerox copy I have of this manual is so poor that I can not read the dimensions. Can any one provide me with a clear scan of these two pages

How about any of the following Inert fuzes for 57mm Recoiless.

Fuze, Dummy, T126
Fuze, Inert, M89
Fuze, M89
Fuze, M90
Fuze, M90A1
Fuze, M503
Fuze, M503A1

[quote=“Ron Merchant”]Does anyone have a M46, M60 or M60A1 primer for a 57mm Recoilless. I would like to buy one, but if you have one that is not for sale, could you give me all the dimensions so I can make a dummy one for display.
Ron, Are you planning to turn a dummy primer on a lathe?


While my copy of TM-9-1300-204 is also rather poor in resolution, I have a very clear assembly view of an installed primer in TM-43-0001-28 that could be used to reconstruct missing features if we pick a known (assumed) dimension and interpolate the rest with a check against the best guess of what the actual dimensions listed in TM-9-1300-204 are.

I’d be happy to generate a full dimensional drawing for you that would probably do the trick if no one comes through with an actual primer for you.

Might not be able to post it until Monday, if that’s not too late.


Falcon–Yes, making a dummy primer for a case without one on a lathe is the idea. I won’t be doing it, but the guy I was looking for a 57mm for a month or so back will be. So far I have come up with an empty case without a primer and a projectile with no fuze.

DaveE–It sounds like your copy of TM-9-1300-204 came from the same source as mine. It is a PDF I downloaded from the net a year or so ago. From the picture or drawing you have in TM-43-0001-28, how many confirmed dimensions do you need to generate a drawing of the primer. I can provide a measured dimension for the rim of the case and the diameter of the hole that the primer goes in. Would that be enough to interpolate the rest of the dimensions? Yes, Monday or even later would be fine. I will get those dimensions tomorrow morning.


If you can get the rim pocket OD and depth and the dia. of the hole that provides the press fit to the “head” of the primer we should be covered as far as it fitting nicely in the case. The rest is not a problem for function and will be as close I can measure the picture. We’ll have ya a working drawing by Monday AM.

I think the primer is the M60A1 based on the length.


DaveE–Here are some datum points:

Case Rim–2.420

Primer Head at the Case Head Surface–0.660

Primer Step Inside Head–0.548

Depth to Step–0.120

Depth to Inside of Case from the head (Aprox.)–0.220

I hope these all hold up. I do not have the case at home as I already gave it to the guy I got it for. I called him to get the measurements but he did not seem real clear on using a dial caliper or exactly what I wanted measured. He is NOT a cartridge collector and is not familiar with the terminology.


I can run with these dimensions just fine. I’ll have at it over the weekend and post the results on Monday.



For what it’s worth…

This should work as a reasonable replica of an M60A1 primer. I show it fabricated from 2 parts using commonly available steel tube and a brass base part. If you want to make it all from brass stock, all the dimensions are there. The real deal has the tube threaded to the base part but I figured a press fit would work just fine. I don’t know what projectile you have so keep in mind this long primer is shown used with an HEAT shell and a projectile that extends further into the case may not fly. The dimensions of the base head show dia.s to allow replicating the effect of the battery cup and firing plug. I figured that just touching in with a fine point tool at those dimensions should do the trick. The info I have show the end of the tube open and closed off with a “diaphragm”. If before drilling the side vent holes and a tubing cutter were used on that end, a disk of some sort could be inserted from the other end and pressed against the rolled in mouth of the tube. This would lend to the real deal look.


Amazing work Dave. Totally impressed.

DaveE–I can only echo what Slick Rick said. WOW!! My projectile is a M306A1 HE. The distance from the base of the rotating band and the base is 0.932. I think the HEAT uses the same shell body.

Would you care to take on the dimensioning of the nose fuze? I have a guy who will try to make a fake nose plug out of aluminum bar stock, but he needs more points along the ogive than I can provide. He would like to have points 0.100 apart. Could you do that? I’ll send you an email with what I have come up with for a drawing. It is crude and amateurish, but the best I could do.

Rick and Ron,

Thanks for the compliments and glad to be of help.


I’d be happy to give it a try. The primer was pretty simple and a fuze profile a lot more complex but fun it should be!

Do I need to turn on an E-Mail thingy or what? I don’t know how the “PM” works either. Let me know what I need to do so you can forward the info and if needed I can get you my e-mail address if it’s as easy as clicking on your e-mail button and firing away.


Ron, as you can see in the drawings the HE and HEAT bodies are not the same. The M90 Fuze is for the HEAT. This fuze will not fit your shell.

Incredible work DaveE! Major skills 4 sure!