57x348SR Case

I have a question about this steel 57x348SR produced by (21) MESKO. What can be a date of production? What mean 4 58 and KT? Any help appreciated.


You mean 57x348SR.

Your case was made in 1958.

Ouch, right. Typo. Wasn’t sure about 58, big calibers are not my strong side. “KT” is to “decipher”? Thanks for help!

The “KT” should be an inspector’s mark.

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Doesn’t the inspection mark usually include a number? Like KT 63?

Not on large cal cases. It is like with Italian inspectors on SAA hs.

Ah ok, danke!

Hans, here examples from Soviet 45x310R cases.

The inspectors are (left to right):
“IISh” (ИИШ), “S” (С) and “GIS” (ГИС).

Image(s) source: internet.