58 Berdan identification

Not easy for me to identify diverses variants of 58 Berdan …
So help, please …
My mesure tools not perfect & only in mm , weight only gramme no 1/10°
I think the first is Spanish, the last for UMC ?
2 & 3 for Winch ?
Thanks by advance


You might want to put a magnet to the head of #3 as some were made with a Zinc coated iron inner head reinforcing.

Hi Pete, i have try , but no magnetic effet on the n°3 ( nothing too for the others). Bsrg, Dan

Sorry my mistake I was looking at the hear & didn’t notice the bullet.
Here is the reinforced head variation.


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Hi, no problem, thanks for interest to my question & thanks for the pics.
Best Regards, Dan


Early American Inside Primed, Outside Primed Cartridges (0.50 & 0.58).pdf (2.9 MB)


Mr. Green, very cool, and thanks!!

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