58 Hazard Real or Fake?

My question is this .58 Hazard cartridge real or a fake? I believe it is a fake. However the guy who gave it to me several years ago thinks it is authentic.


Nice looking, but way outta my league!


Whats your reason for thinking it my be fake?

This is why I think it is a fake. The projectile or bullet has a flat point or tip and looks to me much like a modern muzzle loader bullet. None of the pictures of Hazard cartridges in any of my books show a flat point bullet. They all seem to be a semi-pointed round nose bullet. And then there is the glue that can be seen on the bullet. Looks like Elmer’s glue to me.

The bullet looks as if it has been acid treated to turn it black. I would think that an original would be almost white with corrosion.

Known Doremus & Budd patent .58 Rifle Musket cartridges made by Hazard Powder Company have a round nose bullet with two grooves. The collodion varnish in your cartridge is absent too. It looks like a replica (or fake) to me.


For some reason I decided to give your cartridge a second chance, not because I thought it was a Doremus & Budd patent, but because I thought it could be an original modern replica made just for shooting. I’m glad to find out it was made in the 1950’s-60’s by Mount Pleasant Cartridge Co., Racine, Wisconsin and is highly collectable if you find it with its original packet.


Thank you Fede. The info is greatly appreciated.