58 Robert CF? ID Help

Hi all

I have these two units for an year and so far I did not find information about it. I will really appreciate if someone can help me in the ID of it:
Case length: 35mm
Case diameter: 16,5mm
Rim diameter: 19,0mm
Rim thickness: 3mm

It looks like 58 Robert musket CF but the bullet profile is clearly different

Thanks in advance

The one on the left appears to have been 'whittled on" & they did a pretty fair job but a long way from perfect. The primer doesn’t look quite right either. The one on the left primer & battery cup is not like any other .58 Roberts I’ve seen. And again the bullet shape is unfamiliar / not typical.

The one on the left have a primer with a G impressed like the first cartridges manufactured by the French firm Gevelot in the late 1860’s…

I believe the case measurements match the description of a 15x35 Serbian Peabody. The Municion site has a picture of this cartridge with a Gevelot primer as well. I agree with Pete that the bullets have been whittled.

Thank you all

I agree the bullet profile looks strange at least.
This cartridges come from an old collection and it was classified as " 58 Robert CF Model 1870". Also one of the units have a handwrite on the case " 58 Bardan Musket".

I will investigate this suggestion as 15x35 Serbian Peabody.

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