.58 Roberts Centerfire Variant?


This cartridge appears to be a .58 Roberts but I’m having difficulty tracking down the primer type and time period on this example. Can anyone assist? The copper appears to be a Berdan type but I could be wrong.

IMG_4601 IMG_4604

58 Remington Carbine?

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Early American Inside Primed, Outside Primed Cartridges (0.50 & 0.58).pdf (2.9 MB)

Take a look at the last page.

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What you hae is a 58 cal Rem Carbine there is 2 one with a brass primer and
one with a copper primer the one with the copper primer is the more scarce one

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Thanks everyone. Honestly I didn’t even think about it being the Rem. Carbine cartridge because the one that I already have has a brass primer cap. BDGREEN…thanks for posting that reference. I haven’t seen that one before.