5in 54cal headstamp/manufacturer

Howdy Fellow collectors.

A zinc plated steel cart (HS) 5in Mk9 Mod1 54cal ADL (ADI)???2847224CD01 NOR89C001-017.

The owner suggests that it was manufactured in Australia as per the ADI stamp. (looks like ADL to me)

However I stand to be corrected but I do not believe that Australia has ever produced steel cart cases for this caliber. I do know we have produced brass carts.

Can someone please ID this headstamp & manufacturer?


Regards Ozzi.


You are right about the ADL and the number is also identical (2847224C) compared to another headstamp picture.

NOR stands for Norris Industries Inc, 5217 South Boyle Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90085

NIV is an older code for the same manufacturer Norris Industries

The steel-cased 5"/54 and the new lot numbering system came well after my time but I know enough about them to make some uneducated observations.

MCA89F001-001, NIV86K001-033, and NOR89C001-017 are ammunition lot numbers that identify the manufacturer, year, month, interfix number and lot number. As Western said, NIV is the old designation for Norris Industries which is now NOR. MCA is McDonald Mfg. Co. His case was made in 1986 and either reloaded or refurbished in 1989.

I believe that the lot number, combined with the first series of letters and numbers is the new system replacing the old ALN (Ammunition Lot Number) and FSN (Federal Stock Number). Probably related to the new-fangled DID (Data Item Description) and ADC (Ammunition Data Card) designations. I don’t know what exactly ADL signifies but I’d guess Ammunition Data Lot ??? Or some code for type class, etc.??

BTW, in real life, the lowly Gunners Mate knew the meaning of all those numbers and letters on both the cases and projectiles but seldom referred to them or used them.

Just my SWAG. Some of you other GMs please bail me out.


Ray thanks for your help.

ADL stands for Automated Data List. This is a Government Drawings list.

Thanks Western. At least I got the “D” right. :)

Thank you Western & Ray,

Great info & a great help to me.

This sort of history is why ammunition collectors & this particular site are a valuable historic study tool, keep it going.

Thanks again.

Regards Ozzi.