5mm C.Fusnot Box and Cartridge

This is a rarely seen box and headstamp of 5mm Pinfire cartridges.
Made by Charles Fusnot, Bruxelles.
Blue and white chequered sides and a white label.

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Nice BOX! and H/S !
Hopefully Arron can help on the makers history.

Quite the ownership with these guys. Cartoucherie de Charles Fusnot de Cureghern, Brussels, Belgium. In business from 1833-1882. Made pinfire, rimfire and Center fire cartridges. Fusnot became Societe Anonyme Pour Le Fabrication Des Cartouches & Projectile at Anderlecht, Brussels in 1882. Operated until 1890 then changed names to Societe Anonyme des Cartoucheries. Then in 1900 the company was absorbed by Cartoucherie Russo Belge who used a CRB headstamp. In 1920 changed their name to Societe Anonyme Cartoucherie Belge and used a CB headstamp- from 1921-1928. FN took control of the company in 1920 when both FN and Eley Brothers invested in the company. FN alone took it completely over later and it was absorbed in to the larger FN company.

Edit: Fede or Aaron does this Jive with your date lines and companies?

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