5mm French Revolver

I’m already getting bored being stuck at home. It’s driven me to sort though stuff I haven’t looked at for years. I’ve never really actively collected inside primed center fires but have accumulated a few. Here are several 5mm French Revolvers. I posted them just so everyone would to have something else to look at.
5mm fench 1 5mm french 1 hs x

5mm french 2 HS
Rimfire firing pin strike?

5mm french 3 hs
no Headstamp

5mm french blank 5mm french blanh hs
Blank tan wad

5mm french blank dummy 5mm french blank dummy hs
Blank dummy 6 star crimp

5mm french shot dummy HS
Shot Dummy

Now back to looking through my junk.


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Nice “junk” Paul
OPPS I better becarefull about how I say that - Interesting looking, what you consider to be junk, cartridges Paul.

Pete, I guess I too should be more careful using the term " my Junk" :)