5mm Remington Magnum

To anyone interested

The sportsman’s guide HQ catalog Has listed 5mm Rem Magnum ammo for sale. Made by Centurion in 50 round boxes. www.sportsmansguide.com

This stuff has littered just about every ammo seller and surplus dealer online, and it has been sitting on their shelves unsold for the most part. Why they thought there would be an appreciable demand for such ammo is beyond me, at least in the quantity it seems to have been marketed and proliferated by Centurion. DKG-Trading is to blame for importing it all in, but then the dealers thought for some reason to buy it up. Oh well. That price that sportsman’s guide has is however, the best price on the internet for a box of 50 5mm rem mag. Speaking of Centurion, I am loving their 2" buckshot loads which came out a few months ago. They increase the capacity in a short shotgun, and they actually function well in my Techno Arms Mag-7, finally a commercial ammo that works in that thing! (middle shell):