5mm Sturtevant


Was this cartridge (DWM K 469A K) a civilian or military round? What rifle was chambered for it?


Here is what I have on this cartridge but it is unlikely to answer your question:

This scarce cartridge was only manufactured by DWM probably in one lot existing in only one hs variation with “DWM K 469A. K” hs. It is known in two fmj bullet variations; ‘spire’ point and RN, often seated at different heights, because few (if any) factory loaded examples are believed to exist.

Exact date of production is difficult to establish especially as it is a case code sub-letter. DWM case #469 would be c1900 and was listed in the DWM case book as ‘5MM W.F. MAUSER’ (possibly a 5.15x45.8 Mauser which was evidently also used in such trials). There was such an 'Examining Board


The information I got corresponds with Brad Dixon’s, except I heard that the ONLY way these were found were NPE cases and separate bullets. I had one once (wish I kept it - I gave it away) with the bullet seated, but obviously no powder in the case. Silly to seat the bullets at all, but even sillier without putting a proper powder charge in it, considering the primer had probably not been deactivated. Well, I guess it wouldn’t matter, with only one gun known in this caliber.


Ive had one in my collection for a number of years with the DWM K 469A. K
headstamp. It contains no powder and is loaded with a CNCS RN FMJ loaded to an overall length of 78mm ( 3.07 inch )