6.1x62R Puteaux? Now w/Pics

Can anyone provide any references or information on the French experimental 6.1x62R cartridge? I have one on the way and I have only found one or two vague mentions of it. I will post pics and measurements of the round when I have it in hand.
Anything greatly appreciated. Measures out to 6.11x62.08mm. In addition, note that there is no date at 6:00.

The Indexnumber in the ECRA Database is: 06 062 BBC 020
There are several pieces known.
Following some Data from the Database…

Literatur :
ECCC Bulletin [247/19] P. Regenstreif
ECRA Bulletin [340/F-6] Jacques Barlerin (F)
ECRA Bulletin [340/F-7] Jean Huon (F)
Huon Jean - Les Cartouches pour Fusils et Mitrailleuses (1st French Edition - 1986) [368]
Huon Jean - Les Cartouches pour Fusils et Mitrailleuses (2nd French Edition - 2006) [65]

Belegstück # 2 Tatsächlich gemessenes Belegstück

Geschoß Rundkopf, Vollmantel (Cu-Ni), nicht magn.
Bodenst. PUTEAUX 1893

ø-Geschoß BØ 6,18
Länge-Gesamt TL 83,70
ø-Zündh. PØ 6,10
ø-Mund MØ 6,84
Länge-Hülse CL 62,04
ø-Hals NØ 7,14
Länge-Hals NL 12,64
ø-Schulter SØ 11,80
Länge-Schulter SL 43,60
ø-Boden HØ 12,52
Stärke-Rand RT 1,48
ø-Rand RØ 13,58

The variation with the bullet diameter of 5,98 to 6mm is an other CARTRIDGE with different case shape. (6x62R Puteaux)
The cartridge above is in Woodins Collection…

All my best

Thank you. I am sure I have all that literature, except for Huon 2006. Now I will just have to dig it out.

Pics added.

Jon, great find, congratulations! If possible, I would appreciate if you can post its complete dimensions. Regards, Fede.

Bullet diam: 6.11mm; neck diam 6.99mm; shoulder diam 12.06mm; head diam 12.58mm; rim diam 13.69mm; case lgth 62.08mm; overall lgth 82.08mm.