6.35 and 7.65 Pickert


What is the year of beginning of manufacturing for the 6.35 and 7.65 Pickert ,




6.35 Pickert and 7.65 Pickert about 1920-30
Best Alex


[quote=“alex”]6.35 Pickert and 7.65 Pickert about 1920-30
Best Alex[/quote]
but I am looking for a more precise year for the beginning of manufacturing


Despite the fact it is not my field of collecting, I have traced these two ctges from been manufactured from 1923 to the beginning of WWII by Leon Beaux and from 1923 to nowadays by Fiocchi.

I am sure they have been manufactured before also (eithe by Italian manufacturers either by German ones.

From Internet research, some people say that the revolver and the ctge appear in German catalogues before 1923.

Do you know which ones ?
Have you any info on the earlier date where this ctge appears?