6.35 Browning Headstamps

  1. UMC-UEE 6.35 m/m. It took me a long time to get this headstamp
  2. geco 6.35 White plastic bullet.
    I have never seen a half red, half black headstamp face. Any idea why these colors for this round?
  3. Either a A or triangle. CN FMJ. Any idea who manufactured?
  4. L at 12 O clock. Brass Pr, Brass FMJ. Look Italian. Any idea who manufactured?
    Bob R.

If #4 was a 7.65 ACP I would say it was North Korean. I don’t know if they produced 6.35.

Any comments on cartridge #2
Who made cartridge #3 and 4?

Bob, I’m not positive about its identification, but number 4 is very similar to the graphic of this caliber shown in Lignose catalogs.