6.35 Experimental “Long” Green Tip

All, as most of you know by now I’m going through a lot of cartridges lately. I just found a beautiful bag of 6.35mm experimentals, 1 “short”, 5 “long”, and one long with a green tip. All are stamped FA 59. I have scoured through my new book, History of Modern Military Small Arms Ammunition, Vol. lll, by Scranton, et al., and I figured them all out except for this green tip. I am going to assume it’s a duplex, but it is not clearly defined/documented that the FAT 127 Duplex is in fact green tipped. Dimensions are as follows:

OAL 2.487
Bullet Dia. .252
Rim Dia. .419
Head Dia. .418
Neck Dia. .282
Case length 2.07

Again, I’m going to assume duplex because other variants from other manufacturers are green tipped, and it seems older versions (FAT 115) are green tipped, but those dimensions don’t match this one, nor is it clarified if there an FA green tipped duplex. See pictures…

image image image

V/r Henry Hubbard

Sorry for sideways picture

6.35mm FA-T127 Duplex loaded with two 59.3gn bullets.

Thanks Jim, as I suspect. Can you steer me to some documentation? I’m still kinda new at this…

It would have to be HWS volume 3. Worth it’s weight in gold!

Sir, I do have that book and I’ve used it to cite my initial post. It does not specifically say that FAT 127 is green tip. Again, I suspect it is given precedence but it wasn’t certain within the script.


Yes, I’m sorry…I missed that in your original post.

I keep looking between pages 413-416 and it isn’t concrete, but I’m sure that’s what it is…