6.35 mm Browning / 25 ACP headstamp info

I have received this sealed box of 6.35 mm Browning / 25 ACP blank cartridges.
I don’t want to open it , since it is sealed , but I would like to know the headstamp of the cartridges inside

They have red wax bullets ( hartwachs = hard wax)

Should these not be tear-gas cartridges, rather than blanks?

It looks like in the lower photo if you could turn the box slightly, you might be able to read the headstamp from the lower cartridges where there is a space between them to read it at an angle?

You are right SDC.

They are tear gas cartridges. Heapstamp could depend on when they were made. If an older box (20 years or so) then the headstamp is probably “Geco 8mm.” There are a whole lot of variations of these 8mm Blank and gas cartridges. Wish someone could do a study of them. I have some of them, but we can’t have the gas cartridges in California, so my collection, and therefore my information, is very incomplete, being limited to just the blank rounds.

John,they are 6,35 mm / 25 ACP cartridges,not 8 mm ones

Anyway,I have tried to see the hds as DK suggested but …nothing to do
The only thing I can read is “6.35 mm”

Thanks to all,you are right,they are tear gas cartridges

I VERY carefully opened the box without damaging the label.

The rounds are headstamped "Geco L 6.35 L "

Sorry about the caliber boo-boo on my part. Your entry was clear - I had just moved all my 8mm blank rounds out of a drawer to make room for something else, and I guess I had them in my mind. I was pretty sure they were Geco, anyway.

The two “L” symbols are a date code but I am not sure that you have oriented them correctly. I would not know how to do that on this Forum. The way you show them would be the date “99” or “1999” but I do not believe that is possible, as they had stopped using that code before then, I think. At least, I have never seen one so late as that. The letter “L” can be found turned four different ways, and represents the numbers 6, 7, 9, and 9 depending on their orientation"

6 - Upside down with the horizontal stroke pointing to the left
7 - Rightside up, but backward, with the horizontal stroke pointing to the left
8 - Upside down with the horizontal stroke pointing to the right
9 - Rightside up with the horizontal stroke pointed to the right - in this position it is the normal orientation of the letter “L.”

Again, sorry for my confusion over the caliber.