6,35 x 21 CETME

Another found cartridge …

An experimental 6,35 (.25 ACP) enlonged to 21 mm. Some years ago a friend of mine gave me the case and the bullet separately from two original and diferent boxes, then I ensambled them … I know, I should not have done it, but it is done, so I do not want to read any recrimination ;-)

Aparently was a design of the 80’s for a survival pistol or machine pistol for the spanish Air Force crew.

No headstamp.

During my short collecting career I have seen two variations of this cartridge, one with a brass jacketed bullet and one with a gilding metal jacket. As I understand it most of these sample on the collectors market were case and bullet - I am not sure if this is how they turned up or due to some law in Spain. They are also called VASP. The ECRA database lists them as separate calibers but I have both and they are the same.