6.35 x 48 FAT 115 Duplex-Tracer?

I have a rimless cartridge that measures 6.26mm x 47.66mm. The bullet strongly magnetic and has a green over red orange tip. The bullet is quite short and has a relativly deep crimping cannelure. Headstamp is “W C C 5 9”


It sounds like you are describing the 6.35 x 48 FAT 115 with Duplex Steel jacketed bullets. Except that this cartridge is usually seen only with the green tip. It is a 25 caliber, not 6mm. Are you measuring the bullet at the case mouth?


Ray–Yes, that measurement is at the case mouth. Just remeasured at 0.246 inches. Because the bullet ogive is so steep, it may be a bit larger inside the neck. The tip is grass green for about 0.152 inches followed by a approx. 0.219 inch wide orange-red band, leaving about 0.120 of GM sticking out of the neck. The primer is rounded brass with a red PA and is ringed in. The cartridge is 2.284 overall.


Yep, that’s the FAT 115, an SCHV cartridge. I’ll confess that I’ve not seen one with the two color tip. The green signifies the duplex bullet and perhaps the red means a tracer?

The steel bullets usually have a smooth cannelure while the conventional GM/lead core will have a corrugated cannelure. The FAT 110 is the Simplex loading with the steel bullet.

You’ll also find similar cartridges with a longer (53mm) case although I believe they are all loaded with a GM/Lead bullet.


I have heard of some of these duplex rounds being marked with reddish paint that leaves a mark on the target so that one could tell which hole corresponds to which projectile. By any chance does the reddish-orange paint cover the green tip color?

I vaguely recall reading something about a tracer variant in the 6.35mm cartridges. I’m out of town so I don’t have my references handy, but I’ll look it up and try to provide more definitive details when I get home if nobody else has given an answer.

I hope this helps!


The red paint being a target marker makes sense.

I just checked all of my 6.35 cartridges and they all have magnetic bullets. So I’ll have to back-track on my comment about the GM/Lead. They are GM jacketed so they must have a magnetic core?? I have a full box of FAT 116E1 but I was never sure what the E1 was. Maybe I’ll have to figure a way to get that box opened and see what’s inside.


Ray & Two__AZ–I am familiar with the thick, flaky, bright red marker paint you mentioned on Project Salvo Duplex loads, but the red-orange (more orange than red) on this round appears to be standard tip paint. However, on close examation, it does appear that the red-orange is painted over the lower half of the green tip, so maybe it is marker paint.

The reference I was thinking of actually dealt with 7.62x51 duplex rounds colored with target marking paint. In Scranton’s “Small Arms Ammunition Identification Codes”, p 575, he shows a 7.62x51 WRA 59 round with a green over orange tip. He says the round has a “green bullet tip, over which has been applied a soft orange color for target marking purposes. Being soft, the orange sometimes wears away, giving the appearance of a green/orange tip.”

The only reference to a tracer I could find was in Huon’s “Military Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridges” where he mentions a 6.35x53 tracer with red or orange tip, but he doesn’t give any other information on the cartridge.

So unfortunately, no definite answer. Hopefully someone else will have more info…

I suspect that the cartridge pictured is yours. I have this one catalogued as ‘target marking’. Although it’s clearly been dipped point first into orange wax the deposit doesn’t seem to have taken as thickly over the green paint and there is a noticeably thicker band of it beneath the tip.


The red marker paint is also used on the front projectiles of 22-06 duplex cartridges. On these the whole projectile can be dipped in the red, even spreading onto the top of the neck.