6.35mm FA-T115 Duplex WCC 59 green tip

It measures about 6.2x47.6mm (probably 6x47mm designation) and is highly magnetic from half cartridge length up. It has this multiball appearance. Anything experimental? Somebody wrote “$12” on it with a black magic marker. Would this be .222 Remington Magnum?

The 222 Remington Mag is 5.7 x 47.
The bullet seating looks strange.

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This here is a .25 / 6.35 of the duplex programme if I remember correctly.
We discussed the whole series of these many times. I am sure one of the knowledgeables here soon will set it straight.

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6.35mm FA-T115 Duplex. Two bullets - 53.3gn & 55.4gn.

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Hi Vlad,

Here’s why it’s highly magnetic from halfway up…


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And this would be a variation of the .25 Homologous, no?


The 1st outer bullet (the one which is visible) must be the lighter of two. Is the 2nd bullet made slanted on purpose (the bottom of it)?


An answer to your question!


EXCERPT page 3:


6.35 mm Simplex and Duplex Ammunition Report 1960.pdf (1.1 MB)

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No Ole not part of the 25, 22, 27, & 30 Homologous series. As “homologous” was what the engineers at Winchester / Olin called (& labeled boxes) the series because all were based on the same basic sized case.

Thanks Pete - I was under the impression that this was simply an alteration of the 6.35/.25 round from the Homologous series.


For whatever it’s worth I’ve not heard this Cal. 6,25mm called Homologous. Some other variations.