6.35mm FAT121 not a part of SALVO

I was looking at some of my gages and was trying to determine if 6.35mm FAT-121 gages would have been part of the SALVO project.

Frank Hackley, primary author of HWS Vol. I, II, and III, says: "No. It was not part of SALVO. We [Hackley, Woodin, and Scranton] mention this ‘FAT 121’ in Vol. III, page 414, left column lower, but have no details and always thought this was nothing more than a ‘design study.’ However, in Appendix D, page 602, we do list a drawing number as : FC 8592 but this of course does not confirm that a ‘FAT 1212’ was nothing more than a study. "

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Typo, Last line should read ‘FAT 121.’

Thank you Mel for the reply and information. Do these cartridge gages from the Arsenal mean there was more than than a simple design study conducted? To me it means that there must have been some brass pulled and cases developed for testing as that’s what these gages measure. I believe I may have a few more related to the 6.35 cartridge. Regards.