6.35mm SCHV Cartridges

Over the past couple of years there have been several threads devoted to these cartridges. There is no polite way to put this - some of the posts contained errors. I’ll be first to take blame because some of the errors were mine. Finally, about a year ago I was determined to get down to the facts and so I sacrificed 5 of my cartridges, pulled the bullets, sectioned and weighed everything. Then with a little help from Frank Hackley, Bill Woodin, and Gene Scranton (OK, a lot of help) I think I have settled this once and for all. At least until HWS III is published.

So, here are the five cartridges:

25 Winchester FAT116 Single Ball
FAT110 case, 1.88", WCC 59
Bullet=70.5 gr copper plated steel
Case= 127.7 gr
Powder = 33.8 gr Ball

25 Winchester FAT115 Duplex Ball
FAT110 case, 1.88", WCC 59
Bullet= Top 53.3 gr, Bottom 55.4 gr copper plated steel
Case= 127.9 gr
Powder= 33.4 gr Ball

6.35mm Ball, FAT124 Single Ball
FAT125 case, 2.08", FA 59
Bullet= 68.7 gr GMCS jacket, steel core with .115" lead base plug
Case= 136.7 gr
Powder= 32.3 gr Stick

6.35mm Ball, FAT127 Duplex Ball
FAT125 case, 2.08", FA 59
Bullet= Top 59.3 gr, Bottom 59.3 gr GMCS jacket, steel core with .035"lead base plug
Case= 136.5 gr
Powder= 32.6 gr Ball

6.35mm Ball, FAT116E1 Single Ball
FAT110 case, 1.88", FA 59
Bullet= 67.7 gr GMCS jacket, steel core with .115" lead base plug
Case= 129.0 gr
Powder= 30.2 gr Stick

HWS have found designations for at least 12 different bullets but are still working on putting the correct designation on the bullets actually used in the cartridges.

The bullet, powder, and case weights shown are the actual weights of my cartridges. The nominal weights may be slightly different.

If anyone has any corrections or additional information, please let everyone know.


How bout the second one down between the 6.35x53 and the 6.35x48.
It has a UMC 25 REM h/s and a U on the primer.
I have been told it is a very early variation.
Any further help in identifying it would be great :)
I am very interested in the 6.35mm cartridges and am always after new information or variations

Thanks Ray, very useful!

Well done Ray. Superb work!


That 25 cal cartridge is from Frankford Arsenal trials in the 1920s. It is not related to the 6.35mm SCHV cartridges except for the case and bullet size. It is not common and is a very desirable cartridge for US Military collectors.

You referred to the two SCHV cartridges by case length in mm. Many collectors do this but I know of no such designation for these cartridges. They were officially referred to as the 6.35MM BALL. Unofficially, terms such as Winchester’s 6.35mm Short and Frankford Arsenal’s 6.35mm Long were used. Winchester boxes are labeled CAL. 25 WINCHESTER

If you, or anyone else have any documentation of the case length being referred to in millimeters please let us know what it is.

Is it safe to conclude that the FAT116 will have a Winchester headstamp and the FAT116E1 will have a Frankford headstamp?


So far, yes. The last I heard, Hackley and Scranton were still researching the T116 and T116E1 cartridges but were having difficulty finding the FA drawings. The T116 number was assigned to "Cartridge, Ball FAT110 case" but “E” numbers were added later by the various departments. They did not always document them. And to further confuse things, contract suppliers sometimes added their own “E” numbers without any sort of official approval.

The only boxes of FAT116E1 cartridges I’ve seen are FA.


Thank you very much for all your excellent information Ray.
If it wasnt for people like you then a lot of people like me would still be sitting in the dark when it came to identifying cartridges like this.
I had some of these listed with multiple designations because I didnt know which one was which.
So once again… thank you. I shall have a beer for you as I sit down and re-label my cartridges :)