6.35mmx1.88in SCHV Sections

6.35mmx1.88in Small Caliber High Velocity (was sent to me as 6.5 experimental)
Single projectile FA-T116 (70gr projectile) and Duplex FA-T115 (pair of 53gr projectiles)
From left to right:
Duplex WCC/59
Solid steel WCC/59
Lead/Steel FA/59
30.06 Triplex long neck on bottom


Great sections, as usual.

Left to right:

25 Winchester, Duplex Ball (FAT115)
25 Winchester, Single Ball (FAT116)
6.35mm Ball, (FAT116E1)


Cal .30 TRIPLEX SALVO I, (long neck)

wolfgang these sections that you are showing are so cool and interesting thanks for sharing them all !