6.3mm Tool-operating blank identification


I have a 6.3mm tool-operating rimfire blank headstamped only “S” in the centre of the base. This has a copper-plating and a red mouth seal - presumably indicating “Heavy” strength. Where was this made?


Falcon–It was made FOR Societe de Prospection et d’Inventions Techniques, B.P.9, 26501 Bourg-les-Valence, France. They were manufactured by Winchester-Western Division, Olin Corporation, East Alton, Illinois, U.S.A., begining in 1978.


Thaks - another on solved. I got this from a flea-market, oneof the nail guns that uses these was for sale, so I asked the seller if I coul have the fired cases loose in he box, he said I could, so another calibre was added to my collection.