6.5-.300 Weatherby Wright Magnum headstamp

do anyone know who produced this (and where)? ‘J.Strydom’ is not in my files.
Are other headstamps known?

Looks like a custom headstamp especially made for a shooter called “J Strydom”

Several custom ammunition makers offer this service ( Qual Cart or OPM for example)

That seems to be so. The name ‘Strydom’ is apparently quite common in South Africa.

Are factory loads from ‘regular’ companies of this caliber known?

Quality-Cartridge offers this round with their own head stamp. Bill

O.P.M has made headstamps for J. Strydom.

That cartridge should be called the 6.5-300 Barrel Burner. It’s about the most inefficient wildcat ever “designed” and I’m surprised anyone is making it into a factory cartridge. It should have been buried and forgotten long ago.



Gents, thanks a lot for all your answers. Especially
cartridgecorner: for closing the south-african circle
ray: for the practical point of view

I have hints that this ammo was made in Denmark too.
But: Confusions, however, are possible.
My research goes on and I will be back with futher informations when the realities are examined.