6.5 and 7.7 help


Are these real? 1. 6.5X50 Ariska “Guard Load” brass case with dome shaped short copper “bullet”, plain headstamp. 2. 7.7X58 Rimless “Guard Load Dummy”, steel case no primer, 1 hole in case, with dome shaped, short silver bullet. Thanks for any help.


Pinky–A picture would help a lot.


correct - the discussian tends between guard load - gallery practice - short range load ect…


The second is an inerted round, rather than a classic dummy. Many Japanese rounds were inerted somewhere down the line to get them out of Japan, or into the US.


Thanks again guys, the inerting before export/import would explain the other two rounds I got with these back in 67. A 6.5 paper bullet “dummy” brass with no primer and one hole in case, and 7.7 rimless paper bullet with dented primer, brass case and one hole. Always wonder about the reason to load paper bullet dummy, wouldn’t have long life span. Paid total of two bucks for these four rounds back then, pinky.


Pinky–The Papert Bullet rounds would have been blanks, not dummies. Somebody besides the makers inerted them.