6.5 Arisaka grenade blank?

I got this Chinese Shenyang 6.5x50 blank last month and I’m not sure if it is a grenade blank or not. Beacause I’ve never seen any 6.5mm paper bullet blank(rifle blank)made by this Arsenal.
Would welcome the opinion of any people.


Bought a 5 round clip of these 6.5mm Japanese Arisaka cartridges with the same exact headstamp only in with a green stripe which I interpret to be tracers. Was wondering who made them?

Sheng: Grenade propelling cartridges are generally loaded with a relatively heavy charge of propellant, whereas most traditional ‘noise’ blanks have a small charge of a fast burning powder. If there is a suggestion that the round weighs significantly more than the case alone it stands a good chance of being a grenade cartridge. Jack

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Tom, could you maybe show these to us?

Found out these were manufactured in Shenyang Red China in 1950. Same head stamp as the one photo earlier printed

Tom, thanks! And these are tracers?

I do not believe they are, just a green sealant.

I agree with Jon. These are ball round made by PRC shenyang Arsenal.

Jack-As the way you say,this would probably a grenade blank.It’s full of propellant.

Just a ball round, I’ll make a note of it. By the way, what identifier would designate tracer round?

Japanese 6.5 tracer only have experimental version.Not sure if it’s equipped. Exist example was CN jacketed with green case mouth seal and Japanese letter on the headstamp