6.5 Arisaka


2 sealed boxes in very good condition.
I think they are 6.5 Arisaka Type 3 Machine Gun Cartridges in 30 round Hotchkiss Strips.
About the only thing I can identify ( very little reference info on Japanese ammunition) is these are from the Tokyo Army Arsenal.
Any help with the labels would be appreciated
Bob R.


Bob - Ken Elks in England has a two volume set of books on Japanese ammunition, which while not error-free,
are quite good.



here is an illustration plate excerpted from my article “Rigid feed strips for Japanese machine guns” which was published in the US magazine “Small Arms Review” of July 2009.

Your boxes are dated December 1937 (12th month of year 12 of the Showa area =reign of the emperor Hirohito).
Very nice boxes, by the way.




As your boxes are still sealed, here is the content of mine.




Both of my boxes are sealed.
I usually have no problem opening a sealed box except in this case the label gets damaged.
Thanks for the info.