6.5 Carcano box

I have this little treasure, a box filled up with 39 original 6.5 Carcano rounds with all different headstamps ranging from mid-20’s to early 40’s. I was attracted originally to the box itself, I’ve never seen Carcano packaged like this. Is this box original military config or some kind of put-together thingy? The great variety of headstamps tells me that is is re-packaged.

This 50 rounds box, was machine gun packing for old style M.G. as Fiat 14, still in use in WWII with some unity of Regio Esercito.
The label indicates that the original rounds in the box were marked BPD 940.

I thank Vittorio for his answer. I could not interprete the word “confezionata” with my poor Italian.

My first take was that since it says “packed” rather than loaded was that it actually was a repacking of turned in, loose ammunition by Bombini Parodi-Delfino (B.P.D.), but Vittorio would know much better than I. Also, you mentioned in your original posting that you found dates from the 1920s to the mid-1940s. If there was even one round in the box dated after 1940, it tells us immediately that it is likely not all the contents were original to the box. The box, if repacked, could have only contained dates up to 1940, not beyond that. That helps confirm that this box most likely originally was packed as Vittoria said, completely with rounds headstamped BPD 940.

correct word is “CONFEZIONATA” or packed

Vittorio - mi sembra che l’ultima lettera

I looked at the box under magnification. I think John is right about “e”.

one cartridge confezionata
50 cartridges confezionate

  • It’s amazing how close the Italian and Romanian languages are, both having a Latin origin. In my opinion “confezionate” should be translated into English as “manufactured”, not “packed”. Liviu 06/04/07

As far as I can tell, the word confezionato (…nata; …nati;…nate) could, in a sense, mean manufactured, but it doesn’t seem to be the preferred use of the word in Italian. The verb “fabbricare” and the noun “manifattura” would much more commonly be used for that purpose, or even the verb “fare” (to make, to do, etc.) as far as I know from some schooling in Italian. I don’t claim to be expert here; I am just offering an opinion. I was also tell you, because he might be too modest to say it, that Vittorio not only writes highly educated “proprio Italiano” (as opposed to dialect), but has an outstanding command of the English language in anything that is truly important as well as knowing the subject matter (sometimes import in making translations), so he is a very good source for such a translation, just as the best source I know in our entire fraternity for translating such material from Romanian into English is Liviu, for the very same reasons.

Cartridges are not always packed exactly when manufactured, depending on inspection processes, the type of equipment used, the manpower available at the time, etc., so to me, “packed” when it appears with a pretty specific date (we can’t see it due to box wear, but I suspect the date on the box in question included the day as well as the month and year), makes sense.

Again, though, Liviu is not incorrect in saying that this word can carry the meaning of “manufactured” as well, at least according to several good Italian dictionaries I have, although it is not the first meaning in any of them.

  • @ John: It’s very true, in any language a word may have a few meanings. In this situation there isn’t any problem. Liviu 06/04/07

My poor english suggests me that “manufactured” is the italian “manifattura” literally “mani”=“hands” and “fattura” = “maked”, that, in common language corresponds to “produced”.
The word “confezionato” can be interpreted as “manufactured and packed” or only “packed” and a “confezione” is a packaged item.

Could anyone expand on the subject of B.P.D., Bombini Parodi-Delfino? How did this name come about? It is almost like an unreal combination of words.

There is nothing complicated about the name of this firm, a chemical and explosive giant of Italian Industry and still in business today. The story is too long to tell here, but the the company was founded in 1912 by Senator Giovanni Bombrini and Senator Leopoldo Parodi Delfino. They have many factories in Italy, although I believe now that they only produce large caliber ammunition, and that under one of the other companies of this conglomerate. I am not sure on that and don’t have time to do more reserach on this important company right now.