6.5 Carcano HP

I figure someone just tried to turn a military round into some super killer HP round by drilling a hole in the tip but has anyone run across something like this before? Appears to be a precission job.(Sorry about poor quality but there IS a hole in the bullet tip)

It could be a short range round too.What is the hds?The bullet looks like reddish as the standard CWS FMJ bullet introduced around 1940

Short range bullets usually had a green grease on them,that can be easily removed even by hand

Sorry Pivi, had to leave in a rush and missed putting in some information.
HS is BPD 36, embossed instead of stamped. The hole is about 3.8" deep. Near the mouth of the case, the bullet appears to be a copper-nickle color but the exposed portion is tarnished, as if something stained it. Perhaps it had grease on it at one time but its long gone. I compared it to some SMI 35 and 41 rounds I have and the bullet color is much different than either of these.

The light I used for the photo’s tints everything reddish!

Your SMI 35 round has a “maillechort” ( nickel) plated FMJ bullet.The SMI 41 could have the steel FMJ bullet or the copper washed steel FMJ bullet.

Click here and take a look to the green tinted one:

www.worldwar.it/sito/munizioni/italiane … i-di-palla

Anyway the hole is really deep for a 6,5 mm Carcano bullet .
Sorry but I have no info about a bullet like yours.
Judging from the hds,your round shouldn’t attract a magnet

Nothing special about this Milsurp HP Cartridge.

Probably done by Interarms in the late 1950s-early 1960s (from Adverts in G&A and AR); Interarms had a facility at their warehouse in Virginia where they could “HP” a wide variety of ammo of Milsurp origin.
Some other Importers also did this, but by far the greatest “HP” maker was IA.
As far as functionality was concerned, the Bullets usually did not expand, as the jacket material was too stiff to open out correctly.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.