6,5 Carcano L.B.C. 945

Good morning
I wanted to ask if anyone has accurate information on this cartridge with headstamp L.B.C. 945

all the specimens known to me from the USA

Up to now were only known specimens with bottom plate and engraved LBC 45 headstamp or no headstamp

Another peculiarity is that the ball is made of brass with convex closed base and the tip lead

measures are:

length ball 30.14 mm (1,186)
diameter ball 6.74 mm (0266)
weight ball10.08 g. (155.6)

the ball, for me, might be a re-charged, unfortunately my cartridge was free of powder
but someone has seen the original box?
thanks for the help

Caro Giovanni,
Grazie per le Foto dei "sconosciuti LBC"
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In 1945, LBC was under German control up to April 25-30 (Liberation).
The Military style case ( relief headstamp) could have been made during this occupation period, or manufacture continued after May, 1945 under Allied control, for the Italian Army and Police forces leading up to the formation of the Repubblic in 1948.

The “sporting” cartridge ( if that is what it is), looks definitely as a Post-War ( ie, after May 45) production, although the Bullet has characteristics of the Military projectile ( Mouth seal cannelure, Cupro-Nickel Jacket;) and the reversion to the flat base case head design may have been to distinguish this cartridge from the Military issue “ringed base” design.

Both LBC and Fiocchi were the first ammo companies to resume "Civilian ammunition production " after WW II, under Allied and eventually Italian govenment oversight.;

Packets or boxes and their labels are the Key to this mystery…as to the LBC records, since the company no longer exists, and the original plant in Milan is now a housing development, who knows where any records(if they exist) may be? Italy has a poor history regarding Factory archives…when the concern closes, most paper archives are destroyed (pulped, burned, etc). There are usually only the "ephemera’ ( catalogues, advertisements, labels and packets) to aid the researcher.

IN all the ammo I have sorted (Milsurp 6,5 Carcano), I don’t think I have come across an LBC 45…Plenty of 44, and then some Postwar, but no 45 ( or in any other headstamp either…(Capua was under the Allies, Bologna was occupied and closed in 1944, SMI was also occupied in late 44, as was Rome’s BPD Plant.) We are talking of thousands of rounds of 6,5 Carcano ( Australia was flooded with both Carcano Rifles and ammo in the 1970s and 80s…a rifle (usually a FC91/38) and a box of 50 rounds (Repack) plus one clip for $39.95 Aust.!!! a steal… although a lot of the ammo was “Click-bang or Click-no-bang”.

Hope some other info shows up…
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Doc AV
AV Ballistics.
Brisbane. Australia.

Oddly enough, my LBC 45 has a FMJ GMCS-RN bullet, while my L.B.C 945 has a BRS-RNSP bullet, just the opposite of the examples above.
My LBC 45 round has no primer, and it doesn’t look like it ever did. Perhaps only cases were produced at the time, and someone bought lots of cases and bullets for later loading.

Just posting pictures for better view.