6.5 Carcano Norma box

Was Norma making ammunition in U.S.? Any idea what is behind those 2 stickers?

This is an interesting packet which looks like a typical Ashton and Co pkt with the ]“Ashton” symbol covered by the sticker. Most Ashton packets have “Product of Sweden” or no country of manufacture shown. I understood that ASHTON & Co of Los Angeles, USA only ever acted as US representatives for Norma after WW2. Maybe they loaded these in the USA from Norma components

A 1948 ASHTON & Co advertisement lists a limited range of “norma” bullets and six calibres of Norma ammunition available in the USA thru them: 8x57 J (7.92mm), 6.5x55 Mauser, 8x60 Mauser, 8x58R Krag, 9.3x62 Mauser and 9.3x74R Mauser.

Special Norma pkt labels with the “ASHTON” logo are known in a few calibres.
There is also an interesting pkt for “6.5x57R”. I have never seen a listing for Norma, or an example of this calibre with a “Norma…” hs.

I’m sure that some US collectors maybe able to explain these two unusual packets … ?

I don’t know about US law but under British law just being boxed in the country can legalled qualify for the statement made in UK.

A story I have which although not ammo related serves to illustrate the significance of the branding ussue, A friend of mine was for many years involved in the shirt business. They used to import the shirts from abroad fully made but without the buttons. By sewing the buttons on in this country they could legally describe the shirts as “British Made” and charge a premium price for them. People bought them because they thought were supporting British industry and jobs. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

I noted that the 6.5 mm Carcano and the 6.5 x 57R cartridges in the pictures above are loaded with the same bullet weight .

Is it possible that the 6.5 mm Carcano loaded by Ashton are loaded with standard .264" bullets instead of the original 267 - 268" diam bullets?

That’s interesting .I have a Carcano box made by Norma during the 70’s ( I think) and the cartridges are loaded with the right diam bullets

Pivi: I’m pretty certain there was no source in the U.S. for any diameter of 6.5 m/m bullets other than .264" in the period when Ashton produced these cartridges. I suspect that’s true of Europe too, other than Italy, but won’t climb out on that particular limb. Jack

Jack ,

you are right .In the past there wasn’t any commercial source for suitable Carcano bullets .Many rifles were rebarreled to .264" for use commercial ammo . Many shooters used cast bullets or SP bullets made using spent 22 WRM cases and lead pieces or military ammo .