6.5 carcano

Found about a dozen boxes marked 7.35 with an Italian label. The boxes were opened and the contents were not what the label said. They contained 15 rounds and 1 clip. That appear to be 6.5 Carcano with a head stamp of SMI 939 . The bullet diameter is .260", I thought it should be closer to .264"…? Is .260" the correct bullet diameter for the 6.5 Carcano?
I will photo the boxes and other stuff in this gun shop. Over 70 years of accumulation of just about anything that shoots. Military match ammo, boxes of .30 Govt. Gallery practice brass, European, English and metric cartridges of many varieties. Wooden and metal containers full or partially full of original contents.

That sounds like my kind of gun shop! Most today are too new, clean, and orderly.

Here, you can find anything you want on the 6.5 Carcano


But, if they headstamp is SMI 939 likely they are a 7.35 to where it was reassembled a ball civil
To be safe, you can look the primer:
if it is flat is definitely a 7.35
also in 1939, is not sure the production of 6,5 Carcano by the SMI
If you need help are at your complete disposal