6,5 Dutch Military VIC"S FOR GUNS


I have a very nice box of 6,5 Dutch Mannlicher cartridges
I found it a couple years ago at the SLICS.
Who have any info about the company who sold this cartridges(VIC"S FOR GUNS)“the home of prepaid ammo” from Texas
All headstamps in this box are from FN
Any info will be welcome

best regards


Gyrojet - can’t help too much, but I can tell you that Vic’s for Guns was very active in the surplus ammunition business, probably in the 1950s or so (it was pre-ZIP Code, according to the box label). I remember them from a long time ago, but not positive of the dating.

They packed all sorts of ammunition in those same boxes. I have one for 8mm Mauser ammunition. They were not too careful of what got into the boxes. My 8m/m Mauser box had one round of 7m/m Mauser in it, and although supposedly ball ammunition, had a number of S.m.K.L’spur-v rounds in it as well. In fact, a couple of them were quite corroded and should have been discarded by Vics even if they were ball rounds.

If I can find out more, I will post it on this thread.


Thanks John !!
Hope to see more pict from boxes .



Vic’s was operated in the 1960s and into, I think, the 1970s by Meyer Reiswerg, who was well-known in Galveston, Texas as an “original”. He recently passed away and you can find an obituary comment on the web about his career as a businessman and civic figure in Galveston. After he operated Vic’s he was in the general military surplus business as Colonel Bubbie. Your box with the child warning dates from the 1960s. I believe all Vic’s 6.5m/m Dutch ammunition came from the former Netherlands East Indies. I broke down a considerable quantity of Vic’s Dutch ammo for components years ago and had a world of fun with it. JG



Do you know if I can find more of the Dutch ammo!
In all my jear’s at the SLICS I only have seen one box!



Gyrojet: At one time quite a bit of this ammunition was to be found in the U.S.; perhaps someone on this forum can help out. I’ll see if I can come up with a lead for you. Best, JG


No kidding? Col. Bubbie was involved with the Vic’s ammunition business? I grew up in the Houston area and used to go to Col. Bubbie’s “Strand Surplus Senter” in Galveston on a regular basis. My first foray into serious cartridge collecting came about as a result of buying about 2,500 rounds of German 7,9 ammunition packed in “Vic’s” boxes in 1986 or so. Man, I found all kinds of interesting headstamps and variations in that lot! Those “Vic’s” boxes were pretty common at the Houston area gun shows back then as I recall…