6,5 Grendel -possible reload


Was given an unfired round and one empty case both Alexander Arms, both with powder residue on the neck.
HS: ALEX-A over 6.5 GREN, nickeled primer.
The unfired primer has a very slight indentation exactly in the middle, like a very slight firing pin mark and underneath that, a B, just under a millimetre high. Norma made primers in the old days with NP on them, where does this primer come from?
Projectile looks like a 123 grain SMK, that is one of the factory loads this caliber has been made with.


CCI BR-4 Small Rifle Bench Rest primer.


It is a reload then… Since this caliber is very AR-specific and therefore rare in this country (Semiautomatics are not allowed for competitive shooting, black rifles are frowned upon) it makes perfect sense. Thanks Ray.


in this thread ,i understand the letter “B” on primer of one cartridge 5.56 with imi case and bullet type Vmax orange tip