6.5 m/m Mannlicher Schoenauer same as the 6.5x53MS?

I can’t seem to get my head straight on this from COW info.

I have an old box of Western Cartridge 6.5 m/m Mannlicher Schoenauer headstamped Western 6.5M/M.

I have a single cartridge of Norma headstamped NORMA RE 6.5x53MS.

Look identical but not sure. Are they the same?




The MS stands for Mannlicher-Schoenauer.

Yes, I assumed that but I was using COTW as a reference and the only rimless cartridge they list as a 6.5 Mannlicher Schoenauer are the 6.5x54 (Greek). COTW lists one other 6.5 Manilicher and that’s the 53mm Romanian rimmed cartridge.

At various times Norma produced the 6.5 m/m Mannlicher Schoenauer cartridge with headstamps identifying the round as 6.5 x 53 or 6.5 x 54. All that notwithstanding, they’re both the same thing. The Schoenauer cartridge is rimless; the very similar Dutch and Romanian cartridge is rimmed. JG